Q.AGE began when Cosmin Marica dialed a wrong number. Meeting Adam Kesselhaut was a happy accident when he tried to reach someone else for recording in his studio. The two hit it off with each other immediately, realizing that they shared an obsession with songwriting. Cosmin needed a new partner anyway, as his band Q.H. broke up. They called their new project Q.AGE, a derivative of the original band name. Within a short time, Q.AGE amassed an extensive repertoire of original songs and landed some on German radio. Vital for them was to write from the heart using a charter of seven magic concepts to measure each piece: Authentic, Pulls at the Heartstrings, Mysterious, Fresh & Sexy, Heartfelt, Evergreen, and last one we could never remember. Throughout the years, Q.AGE had many singers, instrumentalists, and collaborators who came and went. Cosmin built a successful DJ career and produces music released on various labels, including his own label, TT7 Records. Adam moved to Berlin and wrote many charting songs with many artists and opened BEWAKE STUDIOS. Their friendship gains in ever-growing strength from year to year. NFT has captured their artistic imaginations offering seemingly endless opportunities for self-expression and communicating with fans.