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Token ID0.0.270631-1 on mainnet
TypeLayer 1 fungible
Layer 2 nFT Limited Edition
Token nameSonder
Token symbolHEDERA://0.0.270629?roothash= 732d13cf634e8689fdaf71e5f4609ac6fee601e92e7dd0fd77c1a4ad349d130f
DescriptionPortrait of a Karen Longneck woman in Thailand
SupplySerial #1 of 1
Admin treasury 0.0.270628
Current holder0.0.270628 since 2021-05-27 20:48 UTC

LinksGoMint Gallery
Meta data
    "data": [
            "tokenAssetHash": "8a2758e1b55def7331e1663577a2e3e166fd774d06350cb630c8d9352e3391ff",
            "tokenAssetURL": "https:\/\/gomint.me\/data\/client\/8a2758e1b55def7331e1663577a2e3e166fd774d06350cb630c8d9352e3391ff.png",
            "tokenAssetType": "image",
            "tokenDescription": "Portrait of a Karen Longneck woman in Thailand",
            "tokenAssetKeyholder": "GoMint",
            "tokenAssetCreator": "KPAYID H264447",
            "tokenAssetChannel": "EE821C",
            "tokenContractType": null
            "tokenAssetHash": "faa6fc9c66b0928ca0620ea6d0970f1129b4445045a1e951b315bfa6ec4f6a5a",
            "tokenAssetMemo": "private asset"
    "roothash": "732d13cf634e8689fdaf71e5f4609ac6fee601e92e7dd0fd77c1a4ad349d130f",
    "hashmethod": "SHA256(concat(tokenAssetHash))"

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