GoMint 0000 All To Myself – The mp3 by Opus Orange
This token represents and provides access to a downloadable Hi-Res mp3 of the song "All To Myself” by Opus Orange. Purchase of this token includes the download for personal use and enjoyment and will not include any associated intellectual property or synchronization rights which shall be retained by the original rights owner.

“I am amused by the way love is sometimes (often?) measured on a scale of quantity – like when a saccharine ballad that might proclaim, “I couldn’t love you more” or when Morrissey wryly sings, “I still love you, only slightly less than I used to.” This song winks at the sliding scale (“I love you the most when…”) while celebrating the fact that love can simply and beautifully exist.”

– Paul Bessenbacher, Opus Orange

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