GoMint Opus Orange 0006 All To Myself – Mini Film 1 “Rain” by Opus Orange
Song by Opus Orange – Film by Xuan: This image represents our first token for a limited-run eleven-second mini film of the newly-released music video “All To Myself” by Santa Monica, CA indie band, Opus Orange, a film created by new media artist; and filmmaker, Xuan.

Purchase of this token unlocks a downloadable Hi-Res video of the film, which the token holder is free to publicly share and display. Song must accompany this video as a “sync’d unit” to be publicly shared and you cannot monetize this video or its music – but as a pioneer of new music and art as NFTs, you sure can trade it and display it – and most of all – Enjoy it!

In appreciation, Opus Orange will include the full mp3 for personal enjoyment plus an animated GIF of the visual from Xuan. The mp3, mp4, and gif are unlocked as a downloadable zip file upon purchase.

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