GoMint Token 0.0.630201 is named BB-BD07

The token symbol is

The treasury account is 0.0.630199

This token has meta data stored in Hedera file 0.0.630200

Root hash recorded in the token symbol =

Root hash recorded in the Hedera file =

Hash calculated directly from asset

Hashes match -> verification passed

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Token meta data:
{ "data": [ { "tokenAssetHash": "e99c1b4ad820ce479215ccedf1f75707442ec4ce0a9cb561dfc13114de25aed5", "tokenAssetURL": "https:\/\/gomint.me\/data\/client\/e99c1b4ad820ce479215ccedf1f75707442ec4ce0a9cb561dfc13114de25aed5.gif", "tokenAssetType": "image", "tokenDescription": "The 07 series was created for one reason - to walk into battle and fire huge rockets into large enemy FUD Beasts! No arms, or head, just a heavy duty body with a giant rocket on legs with a laser guidance system. It is also equipped with two small guns under the control station for taking out small enemies that get too close!", "tokenTags": [ "BarBots", "BBBD07" ], "tokenAssetKeyholder": "GoMint", "tokenAssetCreator": "KPAYID H600751", "tokenAssetChannel": "EE821C", "tokenContractType": "GMC007" } ], "roothash": "e99c1b4ad820ce479215ccedf1f75707442ec4ce0a9cb561dfc13114de25aed5", "hashmethod": "SHA256(tokenAsset)" }