GoMint Token 0.0.650592 is named Zeus

The token symbol is

The treasury account is 0.0.650590

This token has meta data stored in Hedera file 0.0.650591

Root hash recorded in the token symbol =

Root hash recorded in the Hedera file =

NOTE: GoMint cannot verify this asset directly.
This may be due to a connection issue, refresh the page to try again.
Otherwise if you hold a copy of the file privately, check the hash manually at gomint.me/hashdoc
and confirm that it matches the hash shown above

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Token meta data:
{ "data": [ { "tokenAssetHash": "167eb3b211c746b745d7a27f26f9a7debcac43c3b981878c45de5d14444cfb79", "tokenAssetURL": "https:\/\/gomint.me\/data\/client\/167eb3b211c746b745d7a27f26f9a7debcac43c3b981878c45de5d14444cfb79.jpg", "tokenAssetType": "image", "tokenDescription": "The New Style Mythology collection is a free interpretation of what gods and creatures in ancient mythology could look like", "tokenAssetKeyholder": "GoMint", "tokenAssetCreator": "KPAYID H126365", "tokenAssetChannel": "EE821C", "tokenContractType": "GMC007" } ], "roothash": "167eb3b211c746b745d7a27f26f9a7debcac43c3b981878c45de5d14444cfb79", "hashmethod": "SHA256(tokenAsset)" }