Token swap

nFT 0.0.515970 Sweet as Honey - Pixel era
NFT 0.0.1071545 IcoInex - Pixel era

To execute a swap:

  1. send your nFT back to treasury 0.0.515968 using any HTS compatible wallet
  2. Note, your wallet may show the token symbol starting: HEDERA://0.0.515969

  3. associate token ID 0.0.1071545 to your account

  4. refresh this page to confirm receipt of your NFT - see status below
  5. If status shows "in progress..." then refresh the page again after a minute

Important: send it from the same account that you wish to receive your NFT in return.
In swapping your token you agree to the terms (see section 4A)

1NFT · HIP170.0.454900
2nFT · pre-HIP170.0.253907
3nFT · pre-HIP170.0.455560
4nFT · pre-HIP170.0.455560
5nFT · pre-HIP170.0.455560
6nFT · pre-HIP170.0.485926
7nFT · pre-HIP170.0.450047
8nFT · pre-HIP170.0.516364
9nFT · pre-HIP170.0.467058
10nFT · pre-HIP170.0.582487
11nFT · pre-HIP170.0.497743
12nFT · pre-HIP170.0.586811
13nFT · pre-HIP170.0.496813
14nFT · pre-HIP170.0.496813
15nFT · pre-HIP170.0.496813
16nFT · pre-HIP170.0.598970

As of 2022-12-09 03:05:31
UTC 2022-12-09 03:05:31

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