Token swap

nFT 0.0.630198 BB-BD08
NFT 0.0.835448 BB-BD08

To execute a swap:

  1. send your nFT back to treasury 0.0.630196 using any HTS compatible wallet
  2. Note, your wallet may show the token symbol starting: HEDERA://0.0.630197

  3. associate token ID 0.0.835448 to your account

  4. refresh this page to confirm receipt of your NFT - see status below
  5. If status shows "in progress..." then refresh the page again after a minute

Important: send it from the same account that you wish to receive your NFT in return.
In swapping your token you agree to the terms (see section 4A)

1NFT ยท HIP170.0.433278

As of 2022-12-07 17:31:25
UTC 2022-12-07 17:31:25

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