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Suzy (LadyHbar)
Hello all, I go by LadyHbar a.k.a. Suzy. I am the creator of the original Hbarbarian that was for sale at launch and has since sold out. I experiment with different styles and mediums. I just want to make art for you to enjoy. Multiple projects coming soon.

Creator ID H201076
mp4 Pumpkin Head by Suzy (LadyHbar)
Pumpkin Head Halloween Special 1 of 1
x 1 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.505788 on mainnet 20‑Oct‑2021 21:19 UTC
gif Astro Drop by Suzy (LadyHbar)
1 of 1 Astro Drop
x 1 IMMUTABLE Buy this token for 11111 hbar (1 available)
Token ID 0.0.515135 on mainnet 26‑Oct‑2021 00:09 UTC
png Lady Hbarbarian Drop by Suzy (LadyHbar)
The fierce and Brave Lady Hbarbarian
x 35 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.518471 on mainnet 31‑Oct‑2021 15:11 UTC
jpg Soul Surfing by Suzy (LadyHbar)
Searching for you soul on the surf. A 1 of 1 by Suzy
x 1 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.546954 on mainnet 26‑Oct‑2021 14:49 UTC
jpeg Special Original Lady ħ Sketch by Suzy (LadyHbar)
My Original Sketch work of Lady ħ before coloring and editing.
x 25 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.546961 on mainnet 04‑Nov‑2021 00:35 UTC
png Maple Mansion room #1 - Living room by Suzy (LadyHbar)
This prime real estate offers you the opportunity to own a collection of rooms from Maple Mansion. Those that own the full collection at the end of the series will have access to a special item reserved only for those lucky enough to have the full set. The last item will be free but you are only eligible if you have the full set. There may be some extra privileges for full set holders as well TBA. Room #1- Welcome to the living room. This room features an array of quality features from the 2 premium leather couches, large flat screen TV with a superb speakers and gaming system, 2 original Hbarbarian NFTs in poster format sitting above your work area which includes a state of the art computer and gaming chair. Two plants are placed to enhance the ambiance but not to worry they never require watering. This is a room for relaxing and creativity. Room #1 of the Maple Mansion series.
x 25 IMMUTABLE Buy this token for 2500 hbar (19 available)
Token ID 0.0.566123 on mainnet 07‑Nov‑2021 19:18 UTC