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Miles (Hedera.Dev)
Hello. I make nice things. You're nice too. :)

Creator ID H253907
png Ahmed HBAR (& Justin Trudeau) by Miles (Hedera.Dev)
Ahmed earned some serious credits with the Hedera Hashgraph community by wearing his HBAR t-shirt on Canadian TV, while asking Justin Trudeau a tough question. See clip on YouTube The search for Ahmed is still ongoing!

x 5 IMMUTABLE Buy this token for 444 hbar (5 available)
Token ID 0.0.438931 on mainnet 14‑Sep‑2021 12:41 UTC
png Sunny Side Up by Miles (Hedera.Dev)
Simple and full of proteins
x 5 IMMUTABLE Buy this token for 123 hbar (5 available)
Token ID 0.0.334391 on mainnet 29‑Jul‑2021 22:27 UTC