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Justin King
I write about the #eCommerce, #blockchain and #DAO. VP, Growth and Industry Marketing @ Salsify. Author, Digital Branch Secrets. I love speaking.

Creator ID H445858
png Happy Anniversay OAS Badge by Justin King
Badge to use for the anniversary celebration of Hedera. Display it proudly as your avatar. You believe!
x 100 IMMUTABLE Buy this token for 9.162021 hbar (27 available)
Token ID 0.0.446284 on mainnet 16‑Sep‑2021 13:10 UTC
mp4 Happy Anniversay OAS Hedera by Justin King
Fun animation showing logo creation becoming an anniversary cake. POAP badge included in unlocked content.
x 1 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.446300 on mainnet 16‑Sep‑2021 13:06 UTC
png Happy Birthday Hedera by Justin King
You were there at $0.01. Maybe $0.17, or maybe you are just getting in at $0.50. You believe that getting into $HBAR and hedera is like getting in Amazon or Google on IPO day. You aren't speculating. The security, reliability, energy efficiency, 10k Tp/s, and low transaction fees speak to you. Web3 will be built on hedera — we just know it. Hello future Hello now Happy Birthday, Hedera. Listed originally for 0.09162021 eth All proceeds we use to support $hbar. Take a look real close at this image and zoom in on the graph. Unlocked content includes a twitter header for you to use.
x 1 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.446321 on mainnet 16‑Sep‑2021 12:55 UTC