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Welcome to #hederadise 🌸 The greenest place in Metaverse 🌿 Where wild NFTs and nodes run smoothly and (almost) free of fees ✨ #hedera #NFTs 🌳🌱🌡🌺

Creator ID H518841
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jpg hFlower #fan zaphire by hederadise
This is our very first #fantastic flower collection. A dark flower with an electric zaphire blue Headera "H" in its heart. One of our rarest collections! πŸŒ‘πŸŒΈβœ¨
x 8 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.585428 on mainnet 16‑Nov‑2021
jpg hFlower #001 hibiscus by hederadise
hFlower hibiscus is the only flower piece of the #001 collection. Having this 1of1 hFlower in your wallet will add a tropical flair to your digital garden 🌺✨🌿 One of my favorite designs so far! 😍
x 1 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.585431 on mainnet 16‑Nov‑2021
jpg hPlant #000 hedera 50 by hederadise
This hPlant is our very first plant design from hederadise. It couldn't be other than hedera helix, the plant of the future 😊🌿
x 38 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.585434 on mainnet 16‑Nov‑2021
jpg hCactus #000 opuntia by hederadise
This hCactus #000 is the very first cactus collection from hederadise. This opuntia cactus is commonly called prickly pear. Spiky on the outside, cozy on the inside 🌡😊
x 9 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.585438 on mainnet 16‑Nov‑2021
jpg hTree #000 almond by hederadise
This hTree #000 is the very first tree collection from hederadise. This almond tree is inspired by the "Almond blossom" from Vincent Van Gogh. I hope this tree brings some greenery to your wallet 🌸🌳😊
x 86 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.585443 on mainnet 16‑Nov‑2021