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Unique NFTs on Hedera .

Creator ID H586468
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jpg Istu by HederaverseNFT
Istu (Sugar) from "Kepler-444" system . She timestamps every event hapening around her on her mind ! . #0006
x 10 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.617180 on mainnet 07‑Dec‑2021
jpg Hashenberg by HederaverseNFT
He is from the Hashenberg family and there is only 50 of them on "Kepler-22b" planet . They can create unique chemical compounds ! . #0005
x 50 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.617185 on mainnet 07‑Dec‑2021
jpg Alistar by HederaverseNFT
Alistar (Man's defender) from WASP-12b . His unique ability is to reduce the great power of the planet to 0.00017KWH . #0003
x 50 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.617189 on mainnet 07‑Dec‑2021
jpg Astro by HederaverseNFT
Astro (Of the Stars) from "Gliese 581e" . You can trust him no matter what! . #0004
x 100 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.617192 on mainnet 07‑Dec‑2021
jpg Aguistin by HederaverseNFT
Aguistin (Great, magnificient) . He works on hedera headquarter on "Epsilon Eridani b" and can solve 10,000 math problems every second . #0002
x 150 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.617195 on mainnet 07‑Dec‑2021
jpg Zayfir by HederaverseNFT
Zayfir (West wind) from "Gliese 581c" planet . She is not she claims to be ! . #0011
x 100 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.617637 on mainnet 07‑Dec‑2021
jpg Xanto by HederaverseNFT
Xanto (Golden) from an Unknown planet . Ability : Unknown . #0010
x 5 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.617641 on mainnet 07‑Dec‑2021
jpg Kylo by HederaverseNFT
Kylo from "HR 5183 b" planet . He shows up on Earth every christmas . #0009
x 100 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.617644 on mainnet 07‑Dec‑2021
jpg Keanu by HederaverseNFT
Keanu from "Kepler-10b" planet. He is an non-stop elite assasin and kills every 3-4 seconds . #0008
x 10 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.617648 on mainnet 07‑Dec‑2021
jpg Ixaka by HederaverseNFT
Ixaka (Child of laughter) from "OT44" planet . He can trick you very easily . #0007
x 10 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.617651 on mainnet 07‑Dec‑2021
jpg Torion by HederaverseNFT
"Torion" (Chief) from "Galongia" planet inside Andromeda galaxy. a classic Galongianian who believes in working hard to save the universe from the forces of evil. although we lost so many of them in battle fields; 5 of them is enough to make a real change in the universe. They wear masks from the moment of birth and they have amazing strategical powers to win in complicated wars.
x 5 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.656167 on mainnet 22‑Jan‑2022
jpg Aristeides by HederaverseNFT
"Aristeides" (Best) from "Sintarn" planet 2,500 light-years away from Earth. They studied Earth around 100 years ago when they found out about basketball sports since then they play basketball every day on their planet. they're so addicted to this sport that it is killing their economy and life.
x 10 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.656175 on mainnet 22‑Jan‑2022
jpg Zorion by HederaverseNFT
"Zorion" (Happy) from "Lutopia" planet. their deceiving look enables them to catch their prey easier. they have been hunting since the born of Andromeda. extremely powerful beings. THEY HAVE A DARK SIDE!
x 10 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.656178 on mainnet 22‑Jan‑2022
jpg Cepheus by HederaverseNFT
"Cepheus" (Father of Andromeda) from "Jin 5H" planet. they are history writers. they wrote and witnessed every major event in the universe on the rocks of their big planet "Jin 5H". no one knows their purpose in writing history as they won’t let anyone near their planet.
x 15 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.656181 on mainnet 22‑Jan‑2022