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I am a life long artist, drawing since I was two years old, and working primarily in traditional mediums (pencil, colored pencil, marker, airbrush). The last few years I've been doing comic book sketch cover art, and I've decided to delve into the world of NFTs! Enjoy my first Hedera project - BarBots!

Creator ID H600751
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gif BB-BD01 by njhbar
BB-BD01 is the very first BarBot every created! It is not the most durable model, but has no fear and is the most common found in battle against FUD Beasts
x 150 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.630169 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021
gif BB-BD02 by njhbar
BarBot BD-02 series are very quick and nimble warriors, with two machine guns for each arm. The guns aren't as powerful as others, but to 02's speed allows them to maneuver quickly around larger, slow FUD Beasts
x 100 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.630182 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021
gif BB-BD03 by njhbar
The BarBot Battle Droid 03 models are one of the more advanced bots created. In addition to high powered machine guns on each arm, the 03s have two, independently acting lasers on the head, that can target and burn enemy FUD Beasts very quickly, and emergency rockets in the chest that can be fired when the unit is in critical damage. While not as fast as 02's, they still move quicker than larger models with heavy artillery.
x 25 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.630173 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021
gif BB-BD04 by njhbar
This skull headed bot model 04 series is a seriously dangerous BarBot for the FUD Beasts! It is an assassin droid that is dropped into battle when power FUD Beasts are sighted. Its lean frame allows it to move quickly, firing two mega powerful, advanced and modified revolvers, and a deadly ultra beam from one of its eyes. Its frame may be a little more frail than other Bots, but by the time the enemy sets eyes on this deadly Bot, its too late!
BarBots BBBD04
x 20 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.630179 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021
gif BB-BD05 by njhbar
the 05 Series BarBot Battle Droids, are heavily armored, and instead of projectile weapons, uses an energy sword that can slice through FUD Beasts like warm butter. While it may move slow, it has dash capabilities that can allow it to dart quickly to an enemy that struggles to reload quick enough.
BarBots BD05
x 50 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.630176 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021
gif BB-BD06 by njhbar
The BD06 BarBots are some of the most powerful created yet. In addition to high velocity machine guns on each arm, this bot also can launch an arsenal of small missiles from it chest component that can rain down on multiple enemies at once!
BarBots | BBBD06
x 5 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.630195 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021
gif BB-BD07 by njhbar
The 07 series was created for one reason - to walk into battle and fire huge rockets into large enemy FUD Beasts! No arms, or head, just a heavy duty body with a giant rocket on legs with a laser guidance system. It is also equipped with two small guns under the control station for taking out small enemies that get too close!
BarBots | BBBD07
x 50 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.630201 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021
gif BB-BD08 by njhbar
This 08 Series sports the latest technology from the BarBot engineers - a simple, but super tough shell, and a pair of flame throwers that can level fields of FUD Beasts! One one model was created due to the resources it took, but it is THE Bot to bring out during a large scale battle with FUDs!
BarBots | BBBD08
x 1 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.630198 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021
gif BB-BD09 by njhbar
At first glance, the 09 Series of BarBots looks like a friendly Bot that patrols the city, being nice to everyone.... that is until danger trips its sensors and it goes full terminator mode! It patrols with two large, powerful single shot pistols - but those shells will blow a barn door through FUD Beast at close range. When that smiley face goes red, take cover!
BarBots | BBBD09
x 30 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.630208 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021
gif BB-BD10 by njhbar
The BD10 Series of BarBots is one of the top most powerful BarBots engineered. It appears as a large metal building on giant tank treads, but when it rolls into battle, two Ultra Lasers rise from the top, and enormous side panels open to reveal 8 heavy missiles. Whether it be FUD Beasts on land or in the air, large or small, do not let a BD10 open up on you!
BarBots | BBBD10
x 10 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.630204 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021