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Bernd Hau
Bernd Hau is a freelance artist & author based in Cologne,Germany. He specializes in photography, painting & digital art. It began as a hobby with interest in Painting & Fine Art Photography.I am proud to share my work with the world and I have a great passion for the Art of Painting & Photography and transforming Photography into Art.I fell in love with photography several years ago and it has become my peace and tranquility.My art reflects my soul.I have recently discovered the digital aspect and I really enjoy creating interesting variations to certain photographs by applying these effects.Everything has potential to become beautiful and magical,you just have to look for it!I find that art is a never ending learning experience.I hope you like what you see and hope my creations put a smile on your face and bring you a sense of wonder. ~Bernd Hau Book : Artwork and Paintings - A small journey through my art

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Creator ID H143306
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jpg Tree of life by Bernd Hau
Tree of life is the second artwork i created as a NFT !
x 100 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.497851 on mainnet 24‑Sep‑2021
jpeg Unforgiven by Bernd Hau
I wander back on familiar roads. I sense the marks I left on the hills. I see the wounds of my deeds. They make me think about life
x 100 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.513747 on mainnet 22‑Oct‑2021
jpeg Out Of Eternity by Bernd Hau
Out of eternity is a very mystical piece of art. Pyramids and space symbolize the mysterious in an impressive way.This is my 4th NFT and only 10 are minted! Enjoy!
x 10 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.610223 on mainnet 28‑Nov‑2021
jpg Winter tale by Bernd Hau
Winter tale is a wonderful winter painting which i painted in acryl on canvas. And its the first painting i ever minted as a nft. Enjoy
x 100 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.625355 on mainnet 21‑Dec‑2021
jpeg At Fates Hands by Bernd Hau
At fates hands is another mystical artwork which is exclusive availlable here on the gomint platform. Enjoy
x 100 IMMUTABLE Token ID 0.0.629139 on mainnet 23‑Dec‑2021