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Bernd Hau
Bernd Hau is a freelance Artist & Author based in Cologne,Germany. He specializes in photography, painting & digital art. I am proud to share my work with the world and I have a great passion for the Arts and transforming Photography into Art. I fell in love with photography several years ago and it has become my peace and tranquility, art reflects my soul. I have recently discovered the digital aspect and I really enjoy creating interesting variations to certain photographs by applying these effects. Everything has potential to become beautiful and magical, you just have to look for it!I find that art is a never ending learning experience.I hope you like what you see and hope my creations put a smile on your face and bring you a sense of wonder.

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Creator ID NJ99368
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jpeg Moonlight Shadow by Bernd Hau
Moonlight Shadow is a wonderful fantasy creation that I have created with a lot of love and work in the detail. A boy catches the moon and takes a walk through his dreams. The picture should appear peaceful and mystical at the same time and I think I succeeded there. I think everyone can go back to their childhood when they see the picture. It is one of my works that I appreciate the most. I made moonlight Shadow as a digital work and also painted it as acrylic on canvas.
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